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One word says it all. The chocolate we use comes from a specific region. The unique taste of each chocolate is the result of a special environment, of the soil and climate in which the cocoa grows.  Add to this a method of drying and fermenting the beans that is specific to each region and you obtain a clearly identifiable taste for each origin chocolate.


Cuba (70 %): a strong cocoa taste, hints of roast coffee and spices with a sweet finish

Costa Rica (64 %): aromas of wood and olives mixed with coffee and smoked cocoa

Grenada (67 %): fruitiness of cherries and blueberries, spicy finish

Brazil (55 %): a unique double fermentation of the Forastero cocoa beans, an explosion of savours of exotic fruits

Venezuela (66 %): aromatic bouquet, initial taste of hazelnuts developing towards a fruity taste of black grapes

Ecuador (71 %): unique taste of the “Cacao Nacional”, subtle aromas of red fruits and raisins, with a suspicion of humus

Peru (68 %): strong taste of citrus fruits in the background, slightly acid finish

Colombia (85 %): particular, specific character, round, luscious bouquet of vanilla and banana

Ivory Coast (70 %): very concentrated, slightly spicy flavour, roasted notes, hints of blackcurrant

Ghana (68 %): fruitiness of cherries and blueberries, spicy finish

Uganda (80 %): stunningly intense cocoa flavour accented with a hint of earth and mushroom

Tanzania (75 %): initial bitter but balanced taste, fruity temperament, final touch of vanilla

Madagascar (66 %): strong touch of exotic wood, fruity ginseng and black fruits at the finish

Vietnam (72 %): strong taste of acid cocoa, enriched with notes of wood, citrus and tobacco


Costa Rica (38 %): slightly roasted aroma, hints of olive and clove

Venezuela (43 %): accent of hazelnuts and almonds, finishing touch of grapefruit

Vietnam (45 %): aroma of passion fruit, hints of flowers and raisins

Vanuatu (44 %): tasty bouquet of hazelnut, coffee and caramel, slightly smoked tobacco finish


Dominican Republic (31 %): delicate aroma of butter, notes of figs and flowers